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a rising star of conscious rap with a cathartic pen.

The content and the form, the softness and the strength, a controlled writing and an interpretation that grips the guts: this is the recipe for King David.


All-terrain artist from the 90s generation, it was in Kremlin-Bicêtre in 94 that he grew up listening to 113, Rohff, Neg'Marrons, Youssoupha and a lot of US Hip-Hop and R&B.

Predisposed by his mother, a successful singer in Côte d'Ivoire, it was only at the age of 18 that the rap battles in the streets of the neighborhood awakened in him his gift and his love for writing and improvisation.


First texts, first models, first stages in festivals and neighborhood celebrations, he is on the lookout for all the opportunities to “make the microphone burn”. He began to tour Parisian bars and lounges and cut his flow during open-mics, jam sessions, freestyles and showcases, but also battles and rap contests such as the End of the Weak in which he participated in 2013. He was then known as "Dav's".

2 Mixtapes later, he met TiTo Prince following the remix of the title “Le Jour de ma percée” allowing him to perform on the stage of the Pavillon Baltard (Paris), then took a break from his artistic career.


Touched by depression, it reminded him that the music he produced was not in tune with the life he led and what he aspired to for himself and others. This time to step back was essential to heal from the wounds that life has inflicted on him, to reconnect with his deep identity, and finally to be able to deliver a message intended to encourage each individual to become aware of his precious and inestimable character.


3 years later and today totally in tune with himself, King David uses his sharp and poetic pen as well as his unique quality of interpretation to tell us about the path of reconstruction he has gone through.


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