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the genesis of the project

On May 25, 2020 in the United States, George Floyd, an African-American citizen was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. "I can't breathe" he repeated for several minutes as this man's knee crushed his throat until death followed.

The world reacted strongly to this tragic event and many rappers too, including me. After having expressed my anger during a first freestyle, I understood that to denounce without proposing a solution is useless, thus was born a second freestyle coming as a complement to the first.


At my humble level, I have been keen to make my contribution through prayer, I know it may sound crazy, but I have experienced it and I know it is capable of producing marvelous fruits in everyone's life.

It wasn't feasible to pray for everyone's every subject, but I have a real burden for the artists. Being also better able to understand their realities, it is therefore natural that this project has positioned itself to support them.

The prayer box specially designed for artists

Are you an artist? Then the #KingPrayersBox is made for you! The purpose of this initiative is to support you through prayer. So I created a personal mailbox especially for you in order to know you better and to pray according to your needs.

Do not hesitate to share this with other artists, all fields combined, amateurs, confirmed, professional or in the making. I undertake to keep all information confidential and to make a return for each subject sent, there is no taboo subject.

Fill out the form below to share your story with me.

See you soon dear King, dear Queen!

King David

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